Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Book Review From Rachel Gidden From The Spectrum & Daily News

In a time of economic insecurity, LaRae Olsen provides easy and helpful tips for resolving common household problems with items you might just find under the kitchen sink or on the back of the shelf in the pantry. The tips may be “old-fashioned,” but the solutions to the problems will never go out of style. Olsen has a conversational writing style, which makes reading “Aunt Rae’s Remedies” less like aboring, institutional how-to book and more of an adventure of mishapsand their resolutions.
Reading Olsen’s book is like having a personal expert standing behind you as you work to eliminate a variety of issues — involving everything from roaches to hard water residue to sunburns. With a good mixture of real-life stories and instructions, this book is one you can read for fun and then keep handy for reference.
Rachel Glidden
Specialty Publications Editor
The Spectrum & Daily News
St. George, Utah

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Aunt Rae's Remedies Book Review

This is a review written by Professor Gholdston of Southern Utah University (The Captain)

If you don't already have a copy of Lord Robert Baden-Powell's "BoyScout Handbook," or one of its eleven successive editions, you need to have a copy of "Aunt Rae's Remedies."
The newly released book, a fraction the mass of the tome Boy Scouts now lug around, was written by LaRae Olsen, a.k.a. Aunt Rae, and published by Cedar Fort Inc. in Springville, Utah.
It tells, in almost narrative style, the story of a how a family close to the middle of Nowhere, Utah, found reasonable ways around dependency on WalMart to live harmoniously with nature.
It's the kind of book that should be in every emergency preparedness kit, as well as in arms reach in an effective kitchen. Particularly now, as life becomes more precarious and the like lihood that the corner pharmacy will not still be on the corner by the end of the year increases, we all need to figure out how to do more with less.
Aunt Rae teaches us how to make lye soap, how to keep ants out the house and how to quiet canker sores with your own ear wax (eww!)
And she does it as a mother, daughter and granddaughter who has learned how to become less tied to cash and electricity.
Put red cloths in your first-aid kit, for instance, so the kids don't see red blood on white washcloths when you clean up cuts and scrapes.
Put Jet-Dry drying agent in your mixture to clean your windows on the outside, so you don't have to dry them, is another trick she's learned.
But this is not just another a how-to book. It's the story of afamily struggling to get by with what was on hand. It's a delightful,easy read which will leave you wishing you knew more about this solid family.
It's indexed into categories and the tips are easy to find, but they are almost secondary to the yarns weaving them together. From the time Vale needed to clean ink off a white shirt to the worst incident when Wes came home so soaked in skunk stink he had to strip on the back porch so his clothes, and his skin, could be neutralized.
This is a fun book you'll want to buy to read and then keep to reference.

John Gholdston
Communications Department
Southern Utah University

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Aunt Rae's Remedies--- Now Available

Aunt Rae’s Remedies
A modern combination of Granny Clampett and Martha Stewart. In this collection of home remedies and household hints, Aunt Rae will you keep you laughing as you learn new ways to keep a cleaner house, become self-sufficient, and be a healthier person.
In this book would find pioneer remedies like
keep bugs from entering your house
cure bee stings
make homemade cough syrup and soap
clean your house better and faster
deal with emergencies
care for animals
have a better garden
About the Author
LaRae Olsen grew up in Teasdale, Utah, set in the beautiful heart of Wayne County. At the feet of her mother, Inez White, she learned how to use remedies to heal family members and farm animals alike. By request from friends, she began to write down cures she remembered using as a child and placed them in her mother's old tin box. Ten years and many rewrites later, her book was finally finished. LaRae now lives in central Utah with her husband, Lanny. They have three children, Jennifer, Brandon, and Karen. LaRae worked for the local newspaper as a senior style columnist and is involved with a writing group that has been a great resource and support to her talent.

Look online at Cedar Fort
Amazon (Search LaRae Olsen)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Bunny Busting

When I was a kid we all would pile into old trucks and head into the hills to hunt jackrabbits, it was called bunny busting. 95% of the time we would miss the bunny but it was great fun out riding around with the clan. When one of the boys would get lucky and hit a bunny, us girls would feel so bad that one time we had a funeral for the fallen hero.
My outdoor bunny busting days are at an end. But this weekend I relived my childhood adventure of bunny busting but this time it was under the bed. I didn’t use a 22 rife but the business end of the vacuum cleaner. The dust bunnies had evolved to the point that one actual growled at us. At the end of the day bedroom was bunny free and the vacuum bag was full of furry remains.

There a few remedies for dusting I only that I can tell you is ”get the kids to do it."

Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Yep, they are going back to school.
That was the little song that I sang when the door of the school house opened for business.
After dropping the little ones off to the teachers a bunch of us mothers would drag Main Street with a whoop and holler we would celebrate the day.
Time has passed and now my children are getting their children ready for the first day of school. As I listen to their cries of dismay of trying to find paper, pens and the right Gucci backpack I have to smile and silently rejoice, that it is not me.

Get back to school with less stress
One week before schools begin, going to bed and getting up on a school scheduled.
Don't forget to check out that bus schedule!
Make sure to get all immunizations and physicals completed.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Green Peas and Pets

I looked down at the green garden bucket and then looked up at my husband with sheer terror. I don’t have time to do peas today I cried. Well, he said they are ready and need to be done. “Fine, I do it but I won’t like it, I said.”
I push away from the computer and began the tedious job of shelling the bucket of fresh garden peas. As the peas where whirling around the bottom of the bowl, the memories was busy whirling around my head.

One surfaced, I though about our little dog Angel, as I staring at the empty spot at my feet. This is where she would sit there and whine for peas. She has been gone for a few years now but I can almost hear her sharp bark when she did not what she wanted.
As the job went on I thought about all of the pets that I had loved and cared for. From a little pet pig, Penelope that I feed on a bottle to our old milk cow that loved left over pancake.

I have a home remedy for your beloved pets to keep them healthy and happy.
To keep fleas and biting flies from your pets mince about 2 cloves of fresh garlic into their food weekly. Doggie breath with take on new horrors, but the fleas will be gone.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If You Have Not Learned Something New Everyday, You Have Wasted Your Day.

This weekend my grandkids came over to visit. We were in the kitchen and my 4 -year- old granddaughter was asking one question right after another, not even take a breath between. After a while I asked her how many question could one little girl have. She got a far away look on her face and said “about 200.” Laughing I had to ask… what about tomorrow?
She said “There will be more...”

Take a lesson from a 4-year-old and never stop learning.

Your Something New For Today

Uses for WD-40
Protects silver from tarnishing
Cleans and lubricates guitar strings
Removes lipstick stains
Loosens stubborn zippers
Untangles jewelry chains
Keeps ceramic/terra cotta garden pots from oxidizing
Removes tomato stains from clothing
Keeps scissors working smoothly
Lubricates noisy door hinges on vehicles and doors in homes
Gives children’s play gym slide a shine for a super fast slide